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Mr. Bitter 180 Posts (506 )
3 month(s) 12 day(s) ago - hide

It's early, but Ravens/Kool-Aid McKinstry just feels destined to happen.

Brilliant mock, as usual. Only nitpick is LAC opting for Nubin over Arnold/Lassiter/McKinstry. With Michael Davis approaching 30 and a '24 UFA, Asante Samuel is currently the only sure thing on the '24 CB depth chart. The Chargers really need a potential CB1 following the J.C. Jackson whiff.

I have a feeling Nubin will one of those tough, productive, PFF-favorites that eventually settles into Day 2. He's kinda high cut and isn't particularly speedy...I'm guessing predraft workouts will do him no favors.

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