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Jdearveimdy 0 Posts (0)
1 day(s) 9 hour(s) ago - hide
Jahfari Harvey is not on Miami anymore he is on SMU.  
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DonnKesterJr 0 Posts (1 )
1 month(s) 2 day(s) ago - hide
Trevor Ettiene doesn't play for Florida anymore. 
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Erikwise90 0 Posts (1 )
1 month(s) 2 day(s) ago - hide

Well firstly the obvious one:

Shedeur Sanders is not a #1 overall pick by ANY measure.

Secondly, I've noticed this for years but I've got to say something now. You seem to have à clear bias against Oregon football players. Even when numerous sites have multiple Ducks ranked in the first 2 rounds, you continue to leave them out, or rank them much lower than others do. Even when they DO end up going in the draft as high or higher than projected. Not only does this hurt your credibility as an analyst, but it makes you look biased to a fault. Do better. Look up Tez Johnson, Evan Stewart, Josh Conerly, Ajani Cornelius, Terrance Ferguson, Jabarr Muhammad among others.

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CARDIACcards88 1 Posts (3 )
1 month(s) 13 day(s) ago - hide
Drugs were smoked before this was made. Allar won't be drafted by the cardinals. He's not a scheme fit. Also, they just traded for Desmond Ridder. As an Insurance policy to Kyler getting injured. And if anyone's gonna make Ridder good. It'll be the cardinals. I mean hell they made dobbs look good for a while, and he's always been bad. 
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JRO60 0 Posts (2 )
1 month(s) 15 day(s) ago - hide
Walter Nolen transferred to Ole Miss
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dcalvertconsulting 11 Posts (2 )
1 month(s) 15 day(s) ago - hide
I pray Drew Allar doesn't go to the Cardinals, because his game doesn’t fit what Arizona is trying to do.  Just as important: his tape evidences a predominate fact:  He’s horrible, unless PSU was playing against far inferior talent.  Kyler is a far superior QB.  In 2024, the Cardinals will have a serious chance to make the playoffs: a very friendly schedule, a healthier Kyler, plus MHJ , who will be the overwhelming choice for 2024 OROY.  As his college tape evidences, NFL defenses are quickly going to learn MHJ can't be single-covered, and even when doubled, he’s going to make the catch.  MHJ’s 1500+ yards, 100+ receptions which will really open up the field.   Last year Jonathan Gannon demonstrated a keen eye for talent.  He was a huge upgrade from Kliff Kingsbury, Kyler being an immediate beneficiary.  Kyler showed his 2023 injury didn’t take away his speed, quickness or his incredible elusiveness.  More importantly, they competed in every game and could easily have won 4-5 more games.
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