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Walt US Open golf = $$$
-posted on: 6/10/2024
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-posted on: 4/24/2024
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Why can't I build a new 2024 mock draft yet ? I can't seem to get it to work
-posted on: 1/18/2024
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-posted on: 11/29/2023
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hi, the saints-vikings game is still marked incorrect
-posted on: 11/16/2023
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Walt, I remember a few years ago, you self-flagellated for betting on "bad teams," and you stopped doing it. I think you need to revisit that theory. Arizona, Chicago, and New England are demonstrably BAD teams, yet you keep supporting them. I know NE today was as bad a beat as is nearly possible, but that kind of stuff happens to BAD teams.
-posted on: 10/15/2023
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Hi Walter, I read that Henry of the Titans might have a toe injury for week 3/2023
-posted on: 9/23/2023
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Why is it I keep going to different pages and I get ads this is a complete scam. Toooooo complicated. If I a am on your no ad sit and click o. A link it shouldn’t take me to one w ads ….. right?
-posted on: 9/18/2023
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Hi Hoe Silver
Week 2 locked pick.
-posted on: 9/12/2023
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Charts can be cool. Not a bad 15 minutes if you got it.
-posted on: 5/23/2023
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RT @DraftCampbell: New 2023 NFL Draft Stock Report. Lots of interesting information from sources https://t.co/syZuf5WwL6
-posted on: 4/18/2023
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My kind of no-hitter...the one where 7 runs are still allowed.
-posted on: 4/14/2023
Weird & Wild: Marveling at the Trash Pandas' no-hitter loss and the Rays' winning streak

“We kept looking at it, and it was like, really, is this what's really happening? This can't be really true," a Rocket City coach said.

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This is the kind of quick, flexible, common sense approach to public policy that is sorely missing in the rest of US governance.
-posted on: 4/12/2023
As games shorten, beer sales stretched to 8th

At least four teams -- the Diamondbacks, Rangers, Twins and Brewers -- have extended alcohol sales through the eighth inning as the implementation of the pitch clock has led to shorter games.

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Charlie Campbell
RT @walterfootball: Grade for the Giants re-signing WR Darius Slayton https://t.co/dOs9n9DzY3
-posted on: 3/17/2023
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Grade for the Cowboys re-signing QB Cooper Rush https://t.co/dOs9n9DzY3
-posted on: 3/17/2023
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