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FootballFish 0 Posts (1 )
16 hour(s) 17 minute(s) ago
Saying Derek Carr was benched for Jarrett Stidham last year is true but misleading. Raiders knew they were moving on from Carr and didn't want to take a chance of an injury which would make his contract fully guaranteed. Carr was 14th in total QBR last year, better than Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Trevor Lawrence
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Karensman 6 Posts (1 )
17 hour(s) 42 minute(s) ago

I always make my own line early Monday and decide on most of my picks before I read Walter's write up on Tuesday. I am a long suffering Bears fan and follow them closely but very seldom bet on one of their games because I want to keep a 'rooting interest' without any money at stake. Anyway, I told my long time Bear fan and friend this morning that I was very interested in betting the Bears this week and told him I made the line Wash - 6 and asked him to check for me and he said -6 1/2. He then asked why the Bears ? I said : 

[1.] Their best [ and most physical ] o-lineman Tevin Jenkins was injured in preseason and put on IR for 4 weeks . He is due to come off IR this week which will greatly improve the O-line. 

[2.] It appears that Chase Claypool was a major distraction to the team, which along with their Defensive Coordinator basically being fired [ ? ] , let go [?], or who knows what that was all about. It appears that the team was definitely not focused and after the team's performance against the Broncos I would anticipate a 'rally together' team moment this week. I think the Bears are probably better off being on the road this week to avoid the distractions of everyone telling them 'how bad they are, or you guys suck' and after a tough loss you're probably better getting right back at it as quickly as possible. Granted the Skins are in the same boat but their #1 competition from the start of training camp had to have been the Eagles and they had to have unloaded everything they had in an attempt to beat the Eagles and just came up agonizingly short. I don't anticipate the same 'juice or urgency' against the winless Bears who they should handle easily.

[3.] If the Skins were considered a top 10 level team, I could see them overcoming the 'bad spot' they are in but I don't think that from a talent perspective they are really that much better than the Bears. I'm also one of the few that think that Fields is the better Qb which is a huge plus. I'm not interested in betting the Bears to win just that I don't like the chances of the Skins covering 6, 6 1/2, or even better yet 7     

[4.] However I'm not confident that Eberflus  is a competent head coach so I won't be going overboard on the amount of the wager.  


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Mr. Bitter 116 Posts (520 )
1 day(s) 5 hour(s) ago
Don't think you're giving Seattle enough credit for their win at Detroit. Sure, the Lions were banged up, but so were the Seahawks. No Charles Cross and Abe Lucas is a big deal. Updates

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