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Mr. Bitter 188 Posts (506 )
6 hour(s) 28 minute(s) ago

Now Bowers is saying he may not test at the Combine. Ugh.

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Mr. Bitter 188 Posts (506 )
6 hour(s) 42 minute(s) ago

@The Champ 

Yeah, Dallas Turner rocked the Combine. He's a little shorter than I thought but that doesn't really matter with that wingspan. Chop isn't as long as I assumed, but all-time freaky EDGE numbers overall. I'm thinking about swapping Chop and Turner in my mock, but I probably won't once I rewatch Chop's insane first step lol. Turner, Chop and Verse are all gonna come off the board in the top 16. No doubt.

Latu is longer than I expected. Still, those speed/explosion numbers...

I get that Latu wins with technique, but man...after watching tape from Chop, Turner and Verse, Latu looks lumbering in comparison.

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42yardline 3 Posts (0)
7 hour(s) 56 minute(s) ago
Bills need a speedy receiver. Xavier Worthy is very fast and is a good route runner. Also, Josh Allen would love throwing him the long ball. Updates

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