2024 NFL Draft - Offensive Tackle Report

The aim of this page is to give context as to who are the top paid players at this position in the league now and who are the top prospects at this position for the current Draft Class.

Other Positions:

Current Class (Top-50):

Name Our Rank
Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame 9
J.C. Latham, OT, Alabama 11
Jack Nelson, OT, Wisconsin 17
K.T. Leveston, G, Kansas State 86
Anton Harrison, OT, Oklahoma 100
Broderick Jones, OT, Georgia 102
Turner Corcoran, OT, Nebraska 103
Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia 104
Nolan Rucci, OT, Wisconsin 105
Will Campbell, OT, LSU 228
Kelvin Banks, OT, Texas 229
Javon Foster, OT, Missouri 230
Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona 408

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Offensive Tackle - Top Paid NFL Players:

Name Base Salary