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What If Bears Get The Second Pick?
Published at 12/13/2022
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The Chicago Bears have an excellent chance to have the number two selection in this offseason’s draft. If that happens, they could pick Will Anderson or Jalen Carter, who are arguably the two best prospects in the draft, but there will be so many teams wanting that pick to draft the QB that the Houston Texans don’t. The smart thing for the Bears is to sell that pick for as much value as they possibly can, and make no mistake, they would receive a bounty of value.

Chicago not only needs picks, they need players as well, whether in free agency or trades, as they have a ton of needs. The Bears are rebuilding, but as a Bears fan I think I know the pulse of the team well and really can only think of a dozen or so players that truly deserve to be part of this team next season. They need a ton of help and to me these are three trades that make the most sense for the pick.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Devin White, pick 18, pick 50 pick, 2023 first, second and seventh
The Bears have some talent on defense, mostly in the secondary, but what they don’t have is a stud that is the heartbeat of the defense. White would provide that pulse and leadership and would be an animal at MLB. Two firsts, two seconds and a star MLB would be a fair package and with that 18th pick they would be able to draft a starter on the offensive line like Paris Johnson, or Jaeyln Duncan, a defensive lineman like Isaiah Foskey or Tyree Wilson or a wide receiver if Jordan Addison or Jaxon Smith-Njigba are there. With Justin Fields and the league’s best running game, the Bears can win soon, and this is a trade that helps them now and gives them firepower next offseason to add more. As for the Bucs, whether or not they sign Tom Brady again, which I doubt, they need to find his replacement this offseason.

2. Indianapolis Colts

Pick 9, pick 41, 2023 1st and 2nd

There are quite a few players on the Colts the Bears would love to trade for -Shaquille Leonard, DeForest Buckner and Michael Pittman among them- but the first two are too expensive and the Bears already have two young receivers expected to be paid this offseason. This is a strong trade partner for the Bears as the value of players at pick 9 is strong. They could find a stud o-lineman like Peter Skoranski, stud defenders like Myles Murphy, Bryan Breece or Joey Porter Jr or possibly wide receiver Quentin Johnston if available. With two mid second round picks they would be in an excellent spot to find starters on the o-line, d-line or wide receiver. If the Colts don’t make a trade I see them talking Tanner McKee at 9.

3. Carolina Panthers

DJ Moore, pick 6, pick 39, 2024 2nd
This may be the most attractive option for the Bears as they would be given a number 1 wide receiver along with the 6th pick and the two second rounders. The thought of having Moore, Claypool and Mooney at wide receiver would make many Bears fans drool and with Carolina’s pick there would be a chance that Jalen Carter or Will Anderson may be there for the taking and at the very least Myles Murphy or Peter Skoranski. Heck, if they want someone, they could easily trade for an earlier draft pick using some of the assets they just received. Having two second round picks in two straight drafts is simply a huge bonus. 

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