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An NBA Disconnect of Sorts
Published at 10/7/2019
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Trying to come to Terms with the NBA basically repicking all 30 teams every offseason.

There are times I love the amount of churn of the most knowable professional sports league, the NBA.  Sure I've said it elsewhere but what I mean by most knowable is that there are 150 starters on the 30 teams, that makes it easier to learn and remember all the important players.  Add in you can see their faces, see their personalities on display, much more than other sports and it is what makes the NBA the most approachable.  To some degree, because the league is so knowable the churn of a given offseason is probably better than if it was too static.  And of course when it is your team rehauling in an attempt to get to the top tier, there is additional appreciation of the mount of player movement.  But Kawhi leaving Toronto just bummed me out.  Let me say that I don't blame Leonard, it's not that he did anything wrong, and obviously its his career, his decisions.  Its just that in the aggregate of Leonard heading to LA with Paul George, Durant to BKN, Westbrook to Houston, and Anthony Davis to to Lakers... I mean come on...the league might as well just redraft all the players every season.  Which may be fun as well. 

I'm for the empowerment of these super star players but there is now a sense that you can do everything right as a franchise and not only fail to content, but fail to even be able to retain a sense of stable identity, at least a worth one.  The Knicks are still the Knicks...but that honestly just makes is that much more sad.  To make a superficial comparison imagine the franchises changed their team colors, jerseys, and mascots every season.  That may capture how empty the idea of a Nugget, or a Maverick, or a Pacer, or a Hornet has become.  

I feel there is more to say on this but I'm too depressed to follow through with it.

That said go 76ers.  I like what we got.  :)

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