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I'm in on Jalen Hurts
Published at 9/21/2022
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Last season I couldn't accept Hurts as the starting QB for the Eagles long term.  Nothing against him I just didn't see the ability to develop into an elite pocket passer and I thought that would put a ceiling on what the offense can be.

I don't feel that way anymore.

I've always had the theory that a dual-threat Quarterback is nice to have on paper but that the second dimension of the player's respective game, the ability to scramble, can short circuit their ability as a pocket passer.  Having an escape button is like having a cheat code.  But the problem for a lot of players is they get addicted to hitting that cheat code.  Then they get happy feet and before what was an asset now becomes a liability as teams key in on all the tendencies.

I still think that is true but I think Jalen Hurts is an exception.


Well because he's the QB of my team so I'm biased.  Is probably the real reason.  But I think the way he uses his running game is different.  Yes, it's a cheat code at times but more often its not one Hurts is hitting out panic as much as he's simply taking what the other team is giving him.  If he can get at least 4 yards on a play, and maybe more, he goes.  It still will interfere with how high he can take his passing game but on that front has shown on multiple occasions that he will stand in, take the hit, and make the throw....if it's there. As long as he's reading the situation and not panicked, and is making the plays based on what he is reading then I think it can work.  

I don't see a player taking an easy way out.  I see a guy making plays any way he can, taking what the defense is giving him, and not being apologetic about it.

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