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The Push for People to Retire at the 'Right' Time Can Piss off Already
Published at 12/8/2022
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There is a strange moment in social circles where suddenly instead of encouraging a person to do what they love for as long as they can, we try to shove them out the door.

I guess people hated when Jordan was a Wizard.  Or when Jerry Rice was a Raider.  Sorry, my references are so old...I'm old...maybe that's why I'm so defensive of Tom Brady.  Anyway, I didn't mind it.  If a guy loves to play,  and is still good enough I say play.  We'll all be dead soon enough.

This notion you should quit once you win a trophy to go out on top isnt' for people who actually love the game but are too caught up in status and accolades.  It doesn't make sense to me.

Also, there is a bit of a double standard in our culture where people lament about men holding onto their careers for too long.  But I'm not sure you'd get away with that going the other way.  If there were calls from men for the Kardasians to retire because they were past their prime and should have stopped after that 'break the internet' campaign, I think there is a chance you'd get called a sexist.  

I don't think I'm just saying this now that I'm in my 40s.  Though it's not the best example for my argument, I was for Joe Paterno coaching for as long as he wanted to.  He probably wasn't doing that much coaching at the end anyway.  But if he wanted to be on the sidelines until he died I was for it.  (Before the awful news came out)  

Anyway, that's all I got on this.  I just wanted to say it somewhere.

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