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10.17.2017 - NBA Season Opener Picks
Published at 10/17/2017
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This season I hope to do a couple picks a week on a few select games. 

For the 2017-18 Season Openers:

10/17-8:05 PM

Celtics (+3)

Mentally I think we all have the Cavs on the bottom of the top tier with GS but it may be more realistic to have GS in a Tier by themselves and up until this season the Cavs in a 2nd tier by themselves.  I think Boston is in that Tier now.  Or is closer t the Cavs than the Cavs are to GS. 


In short Boston is in the Cavs class and at this stage of the season, will be the more motivated team out to prove they can be in the ring with these guys.


Throw in the fact Stevens is probably the better coach and I'm left taking Boston, feeling good it is the right pick to make in this matchup.  

Finally, if the league could have their way Boston would be able to make a statement here which will add some needed uncertainty about who may come out of the East.

10/17-10:35 PM

Warriors (-9)

Houston is a cool story last season and they continue to be with Chris Paul.  To look at GS and say, well we'll try to out score them seems certifiable but its actually admirable, and fits a simple logic.  You throw your best punch, you play your best game, and if you have Harden that means offense.  Last season it even worked once out of 4 times. 


But the reality is GS will be even better this season, while adding Chris Paul just doesn't actually add that much to Houston as inevitably you are taking the ball away from Harden.  As far as this opening matchup is concerned, if there is any confusion between Harden and Paul, if they aren't sympatico, they'll look up and be down 15.  Perhaps later in the season they'll know how to weather the storm but I suspect in the opener they are going to flinch, get frustrated and let the game get away.

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