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Bryan Colangelo: My All-Over-the-map-first rant on it...there may be more
Published at 5/30/2018
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Some context for all you kids out there about the power of media in a world where media has been compromised every which way that we are all beginning to start with the notion that this is probably fake news and wait to proven otherwise.

Exposes and break through articles have taken down a Hollywood Mogul in Weinstein, a comic Mogul in Louis CK, a Senator in Franken per the #metoo movement.

I'm sure in sports there are more incidents of media taking down a guy of high rank and position, and I intend to research other incidents, but at the moment this looks very much like TheRinger may take down the GM of the Sixers with their brilliant article The Curious Case of Bryan Colangelo and the Secret Twitter Account by Ben Detrick.  

Being a part of a smaller sport media outlet, color me very impressed by what media can still do.  But also let me caveat the rest of what I have to say by noting some concern I have about the fickle court of public opinion, which has been driving some very real consequences to real people (if politicians and hollywood execs count), in real life, while not at all being a proven judicial system of any sort.  This is old news to most people but I guess I'm just realizing how compromised justice can be in this public court.

That said, I'm a Hinkie guy.  And there was a timely published hit piece that was double tapped by TMZ involving Okafor and some Celtic fans at a key juncture in a season where every unlikely win suggested a culture that wasn't devoid of hope was offset by another 5 to 10 to 15 losing streak that damned anybody that would consider such a path.  This probably lead to the arrival of the Colangelo's to the Process.  So I find it would only be fitting if another sports media hit piece sent them on their way.  But was it a hit piece?

I'll go on the record, there is no way Bryan Colangelo actually ran those 4 burner accounts...not 5...the 1 was a listener account, and I don't count that at all. The other 4....I think its a toss up between:

  • It was a family member being over zealous in their defense of Bryan, but were given too much information such as Okafor allegedly failing a physical
  • It was a renegade Hinkie fan capable of figuring out Twitter behavior that could be criminalized enough to fire a GM, and then playing the long con on theRinger and the 76ers.
  • It is the brainchild pen-ultimate, long term, fan fiction writing project of a Celtic friendly media outlet unleashed at the right time to undermine a pivotal off season of the 76ers.  I scoff at this as well, it seems to elaborate, but know this about sports media:
    • Any decent outlet is certainly capable of considering a long term project that spans the annual timespan of a given sport
    • Any decent outlet has some developers on hand how can do things like use Twitter's API to automate the private public status of multiple accounts based on the status of another account
    • TheRinger embraces the highs and lows of sports, the hero worship and vitriolic spit of fans in full 'hate' mode, and has an owner who is a master of believable 'what if' alternate sport narratives.  And gets this is entertained.

My money is on an over zealous family member.

My heart is on a renegade Hinkie fan.

My paranoid, anti-Boston 76er fan brain fears the mad genius of option three.

While I'm concerned about the fire around house 76er, I'm optimistic the team could pivot away from the Colangelo's successfully if need be, and would be happy if we pulled that off......and at the very least...I've been very, very very entertained.

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