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NBA: Season Long 76ers Comparison to the 09/10 Thunder
Published at 12/9/2017
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In tracking the 76ers season what counts as success?  What counts as failure?  To me the perfect baseline for measuring this 76ers' breakout season is the thus far still comparable 09/10 OKC breakout season.  This stems from having 2 elite talents at the very genesis of their careers figuring out the NBA while carrying a team to a playoff caliber regular season record.  On the established baseline side you have Kevin Durant, drafted 2 overall, in his 2nd season and Westbrook's rookie season (drafted 4th overall.  On the yet to proven side of this comparison we have Joel Embiid in his 2nd season (or 4th, or still on his first 81 games rookie season) and Simmons in his rookie season (or red shirt rookie season?)  Durant and Westbrook were both 21.  Simmons is 21.  Embiid is 23 on one hand, on the other he is still a neophyte to game of basketball.  Its not perfect but its comparable.


So lets get to the task at hand and track the progress as the season unfurls.  Where do the 76ers stand today in relation to that break out OKC team?  Well the simplest thing to do is look at their record and compare it side by side to where OKC was at this point in their 09/10 season.  At 13-11, it feels like they are worse than this after losing to PHX and LA, but yes at 13-11 the 76ers are actually a game up on the 09/10 OKC squad who wouldn't get to 13 wins until their 25th game.  This looks to evaporate against the Cavs today which will bring our side by side comparison to even.  This will have to be updated as each game unfolds.  I hope to do so.  So stay tuned.


I also intend to go into this at more depth.  How has the 76ers league ranking hardest schedule face up to the fact OKC played in Varsity conference that was/is the West?  How does the 76ers core's dynamic differ from the dynamic that was Durant/Westbrook/Ibaka/Harden?  What about the coaches.  Please check back as I intend for this 'rant' to be no rant at all but an evolving consideration. 

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