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Maybe all QBs need the Rookie Treatment from Time to Time
Published at 10/20/2022
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Back when Wentz was just starting out it seemed clear to me the offensive system was simplified a bit for him with some basic plays that allowed Wentz to use the sideline to attempt relatively safer throws where it was his guy or out of out bounds.  

With McNabb's early days the talk was, he simply didn't have WRs but I think he also preferred to use his TE and RBs out of the backfield because they can be simpler throws and I'll presume simpler reads as well.  

Watching guys like Russell's struggle now reminds me of how Kurt Warner struggled for a while after his Greatest Show on Turf Days.  It got to the point with Warner where it was assumed he didn't need that much protection anymore and even when he was getting crushed they'd have minimum protection.  He got banged up, and lost confidence and people asked what was wrong with him.

Maybe coordinators should always keep tabs on how their QB is doing and every now and then downshift as needed to build them back up.  Maybe not just rookies.  

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